Electronic bill precedent S

Covid – 19  – Coronavirus update

We are still open in these difficult times and can offer our clients a full service.

The new bill will only apply if you have a Part 7 multi track case, for all other bills the normal 3 column bill can apply.  So if you have a Part 7 multi track case and have a order for costs against the paying party your bill will now have to be in electronic format.

There is no need to be alarmed by this new bill, we can do everything for you.

But these new bills will look very different and work in a different way.

We can phase your costs into the correct phase if no budget has been prepared we will then put it into the correct task and activity.  There is no need to invest in expensive software for this purpose.

The bill will then be sent to you in excel  and PDF format and a paper version will also be provided if requested.  Will can deal with the service of the bill on the paying party and the court.  This must also be in excel format, together with the normal documentation required pursuant to CPD 47.5.2.

Please telephone or email if you have any queries on these new bills.