Litigants in Person


We are able to assist anyone who represents themselves in proceedings.  Do you have a query about legal costs?  Whether you have to pay them, or they are to be paid to you by someone else? Don’t worry we can help.

If you have won your action and the Judge has awarded you your costs, the next step can be daunting. But do not worry we will guide you through every step. To begin with you will need a bill of costs drawn. This must be done in a certain way, we can prepare the bill for you. It will need to be served upon your opponent [the paying party] with a form N252 and other documents. We will deal with that, your opponent will have 21 days to prepare points of dispute to the bill [their objections] and we will then deal with the replies. If you do not receive any points of dispute we can apply to the Court for a Default Costs Certificate form N254.

Once the replies have been prepared we can apply to the Court for a hearing date N258, once we receive the date will attend the hearing with you and conduct the hearing and advise you of the outcome with a full report.

But what if you have lost your action and you are now facing having to pay the costs.  Do not worry we can help.  Hopefully, reduce the amount you have to pay but give you clear advice on the way forward.  If you have received a Notice of Commencement N252 do not ignore this, Points of Dispute have to be served in 21 days the date will be clearly shown on the document.  Don’t delay act today!

We can also attend the assessment hearing if it becomes necessary and deal with all negotiations with your opponent.  If the costs are to be dealt with by provisional assessment we can prepare the papers for the provisional assessment.

Please telephone or e-mail with any queries or questions you may have