Are you ready for Budget Form H?  Budgets have been around since 2013 for nearly ten years.  But are still causing problems.  Have you prepared one and decided they are difficult and complicated and that is before you put the information on the form!  Even when you have entered information onto the form the figures are still not correct!

Do not worry we can help, we can prepare your Budget Form H for you either in your office or if there is time maybe send the file to us.

You need to be careful with your Budget form and make sure you include all the costs make sure you have estimates from Counsel and your experts.

We will also prepare the budget discussion report – precedent R

We can attend the costs management hearing for you and explain to the Judge why costs have been claimed invariably our budgets are allowed.

Please do not ignore the rules and practice directions on Budgets the case of Mitchell v News Group Newspapers [2013] EWCA Civ 1537 should be a warning to everyone.  It is still relevant even today

 Remember if wish to change your budget to increase or decrease the costs you must use precedent T.  We can also deal with this form